Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19


The Pandemic:

Covid-19 Coronavirus has become a major event in the history of the world after Worldwar-2. Originating from Wuhan, China it has affected 198 countries covering nearly all the world countries.

The Social and economic ramifications of this Pandemic is yet to be grasped even by the experts. The world was just recovering from the economic turbulence of the 2008 recession, followed by Oil shocks and recently Brexit. So, the impact of around 1-3 month lockdown on global drivers of the economy like the USA, China, Japan, Germany, India might lead to another economic crisis.

Our Early Response:

­As soon as we came to know about the first case in India, we took some precautionary steps like we avoided visiting our client or calling clients to visit our office or factory which helped us adjust in working offline with the clients. We started cleaning our office frequently using disinfectants on a daily basis.
As soon as the countrywide lockdown was announced, it was difficult for our employees to reach their native places which was about 500-600 Kms away from our office. We provided them with necessary transportation to reach them at their respective places overnight.

THE WFH Culture:

As the emergency shutdown had affected the daily operation we did restore our works in a day after the lockdown. We had changed our workflow to Work From Home culture as we know the necessities of our valued clients. The emergency lockdown had brought in a need to adopt several telecommunications which were our day to day routine as our several clients were from overseas, so we didn’t have to suspend our operations and our delivery has not been hit. Our employees have been working to date on projects from their respective homes and delivering the projects on time.

We are maintaining the delivery promises we have made. The integrity and dedication of our workforce have made us more resilient to the challenges this lockdown has thrown at us.

Safety and health at work is central to COVID-19 pandemic response, not only to protect lives but also to ensure business continuity.

Fighting COVID:

As the Government has again extended the lockdown until May 3rd 2020, we really wanted to contribute ourselves to the society. So we initially we started producing Face shield using 3D printing technology as in parallel we were going on with Mold manufacturing of face shields to reduce the cost and make it affordable for all frontline warriors. We had got licence to operate from the Govt. of Tamil Nadu, India to manufacture and supply essentials during this pandemic.

We are also working on several medical related projects to confront the situation and also working with several IOT firm’s on invention of new machines, tracking devices which use the state of the art technology to control the pandemic as of now and in future.

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