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Radiant design was founded in 2014 with a vision of setting a benchmark in the enclosure design industry. Based in Chennai, India we design, prototype and manufacture high quality, custom plastic and sheet metal enclosures for different sectors and markets.

Radiant Design’s strength is strong employee attitude and excellent customer service. Our always-on learning agenda drives our customer continuous improvement through building and transferring design skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovation ecosystem. We are a crew of engineers with rich industry experience, domain expertise & ample experience with industry process, practices and applications. Radiant Design capabilities range from concept development to manufacturing.

Radiant in synonym to it’s name is luminous in delivering the best quality services and building the trust of our delightful customers across the globe. We leverage technology and implement best practices, to provide a range of high quality and cost-efficient information technology solutions, enabling customers achieve their business goals and to stay ahead of the competition at an affordable cost.

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with abundant experience in many unique design/analysis projects of various kinds. Our staff expertise in design, analysis and documentation is well appreciated by our customers for transforming their ideas into reality. We employ state-of-the-art resources to have a smooth and convenient work environment. We continuously work towards self-improvement to achieve new and progressive goals.


  • To be an envoy in tailor-made enclosures through leading edge technologies in compliance with Global Standards


  • To provide customers with uniqueness in design, subjected to adaptability and aesthetics to enhance the market value of their products.
  • To offer a comprehensive and compelling expert assistance with a well built R&D along with definite market strategies and analysis.
  • To manufacture the product by upholding the highest standard of integrity in IP Ratings and Environmental Compatibility.

What's Unique about Us?

Being a mix of young and experienced in equal ratio, we bring designs which are creative and unique at the same time easy to manufacture. Our extensive knowledge in PCB, connectors, placement options, heat ventilations, waterproofing ensures your product in a safe pair of hands.

Custom enclosure designs are creative concepts with high aesthetic value that will give your products a unique professional finish. It can be built to any size, specification, curves, multiple colors and design flexibility is infinite which are not found in standard enclosure types.

Our internal engineers will work with you to get your desired enclosure no matter the complexity of design. We can do the prototype so as to determine the correct fit and finish that will give the highest of standards and deliver the best possible product. We have an experienced team of engineers with hands-on experience in enclosure design of plastic & Sheet metal. We also consider molding feasibility in the design stage itself which reduces the production time & cost. We are experienced enough to suggest suitable material & material thickness based on application. We consider ergonomics and durability while designing. We also adhere to IP standards based on customer requirements and application of the product.


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