Injection Mold Design

Injection Mold Design

If your company is starting at square one in defining basic product requirements or just to improve the aesthetics of an existing product, then we could be a potential company to help you with innovative groundbreaking ideas. We offer a full range of services required for all facets of the product development process.

User & Design Research:

User Research is important part of a new product development cycle and it mainly focuses on understanding the people for whom the product is being made, it allows us to make user centered design. We carefully analyze this and prepare a list of user’s needs and based on this, we thoroughly discuss on the possible design directions to achieve that refreshing look and which can become Iconic Best-Selling Product!

Mock-up Illustration:

Based on the list of User’s needs, we create a rough hand sketches with different styling method and we pin point on the USP (Unique Selling Point) of a product. Creativity is the key in any project and when it blends with the Engineering Feasibility, one can get a world class product. We basically create anything between 5-10 Hand Sketches before carefully finalizing few and moving to Digital Sketch.


Concepts become tangible reality in this phase, details will be drawn up, designs will be refined iteratively and the feasibility will be checked. All details such as ribs, locks and fitment required for the functionality of the product are added to the selected designs in 3D CAD Models. Our Electronics component selection knowledge is an added bonus!

These are lot of work but they are extremely needed as it results in products that are highly feasible and ready for production.

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