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We are specialized in sheet metal enclosure design for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our sheet metal enclosure designs are based on DFM (Design For Manufacturing) & DFA (Design For Assembly), which reduces production time and cost. We have vast experience in providing custom sheet metal enclosure design solutions and manufacturing in aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. Our Designs require tool-less manufacturing with only Laser cutting and CNC bending operations involved. We consider heat dissipation requirements, Product IP ratings, Manufacturing and cost factors into account while designing.

We are experienced in providing cost-effective Sheet metal enclosure design solutions for LCD Enclosures, LED enclosures, LED Wall mounts, Kiosk Enclosures, UPS Enclosures, SMPS Enclosures, Electronic Enclosures, Inverter Cabinets, Electrical Panels, Generator Enclosures, etc., Our enclosure design enhances the look of products which brings satisfaction to customers, thereby increases the customer retention rate.

There are a lot of practical difficulties while fabricating the enclosure which must be kept in mind for the best outcome. Like the holes expand in the high-temperature application which may cause loosening or misaligning of fasteners over prolonged usage. The hole dimensions, spacing and tolerances need to be considered which usually varies after bending operation.

The Critical portion of any sheet metal design while providing the holes is giving its size and location since hole size less than sheet thickness can lead to higher burrs and high Punch Load. Also, the hole to hole thickness should be at least twice the thickness since it is just to have enough structural strength while bending or forming operation. If the hole must be placed at the edge, then the minimum gap between the edge and the hole should be at least twice the sheet thickness. In Case the hole is near the bend, then the distance between the hole edge and bend radius end line should be at least 2 times of sheet thickness.

For holding various components inside the enclosure like PCB, Connectors, Sensors etc., we can use Self Clinching Nuts, Standoffs and studs and screw them in place which holds most of the components rigidly and comes in various standards which match to the size of components.