and India Electronics Week (IEW 2020) and India Electronics Week (IEW 2020) and India Electronics Week (IEW 2020) and India Electronics Week (IEW 2020)

Team Radiant participated in IOT Expo expo conducted by EFY (Electronics For You) as their 2020 edition. We decided to participate in this event as we wanted to integrate our creativity and technology with the customers or creators of IoT. We were placed at the startup zone, a platform where all the startup showcased their abilities.
Our primary motive was not to expand the business. Many talented people who are expertise in electronics and wanted to showcase their talent with their innovation but they are forced to know the reality that not only the soul works, it’s the who body does. Electronics need housing that needs to be built especially for them. We wanted to bring people to know about the enclosure designs that they were keenly looking for. It’s more than just a business.

These events see over 10,000 technologists attending it each year, making it the most significant event for the creators of IoT in India. Topics such as the Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Electronics, Edge Computing and more are covered by 120 global experts. The event also featured over 20 workshops where techies can get training on various specific topics.

We had a massive response from the crowd and immensely glad by the response that we received for our work. We had persons from international to local regions who were looking for a service that we were offering. It seems that localities were also searching for a concern that is particularly into the field.

The familiar questions and responses we had are,
1. What is the MOQ?
2. What materials do you offer?
3. IP rated, possible?
4. Yeah, this is what I was searching for a long time.
5. This is what I wanted.
6. Are you from Chennai? it’s unfair that we have missed you.
and a lot more…

We were delighted to solve their questions and concerns regarding the challenges in our services.
Many talented individuals and startup who were passionate about IoT related field was thrilled by the fact with today’s modern era of manufacturing, and the possibilities of bringing their creativity into this competitive world with an aesthetic casing which was built for them, specially..

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