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We provide aesthetically pleasing customized enclosure design for (Printed Circuit Board) PCB without compromising PCB design, electronic component selection. Our PCB casing design is based on your PCB schematic by giving cutouts for your connectors, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, power jacks, audio jacks etc. Our PCB enclosure designs are easy to assemble. We also consider the functionality of the product in addition to the exterior look.

We are also experienced in designing of waterproof & dust proof enclosures by giving proper sealing, gaskets. With a strong engineering background and years of experience, we are specialized in designing IP66/IP67/IP68 enclosures. Our enclosure designs are done considering the styling, appearance, heat dissipation and safety factors. We suggest the right material for enclosures which in turn increases the performance and durability of your product. We also support in producing a prototype as well as in low volume production by 3D printing or vacuum casting.

Additionally, we also suggest or evaluate the internal placements of components and spacing for PCB layout design considering the overall development of the product.