A dedicated Prototyping and Testing lab for undertaking R&D works for all the projects.

3D Printing:

We have two inhouse 3D printers which are SLA and SLS technology based which allows us with quick turnaround time for all the prototyping and testing works. SLA are used for dimensional accuracy and aesthetic importance for the part. Additionally, Transparent part can also be printed using SLA technology. And SLS printing is used to test the snap fits of the part. The 3D printing can be done in materials like ABS, PP, PLA and many more.

Sheetmetal Prototyping:

Sheetmetal of thickness 0.5 mm to 10mm (0.0187“to 0.375”) can be handled. The Sheetmetals are processed by CNC laser or profile cutting and CNC bent after which either powder coating or anodizing is done based on the customer preferences. The materials which can be handled are Mild steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, etc.

Vacuum Casting:

Vacuum casting is also commonly called Silicon Molding where one Silicon Molds are used to manufacture 15-30 parts based on the complexity of the part, after which the mold gets destroyed and we create another mold to get another set of part manufactured. The Plastic parts of materials like ABS, PP, PLA can be manufactured for low volumes of 20-200 parts without heavy investment on tooling. Additionally, transparent and Silicon parts of shore hardness 30-90 can also be done.

Apart from these, for finishing of the product, we also do paint for the parts which can be achieved for any RGB colors. For logo, screen printing and UV printing will be done for finishing.

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