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The Tool Development starts around the requirement such as the material involved, volume requirement, size of the parts needed to be molded, colors involved and many other parameters based on which we will suggest on combining the parts in family for better mold price and part price. The Family Molds can be defined by having similar sized parts, same material & Colored parts, Similar gate Positions and many more. We suggest different options of molds like Hand Mold, Semi Auto Mold and fully Automatic Molds and different Core & Cavity Material options based on the Volume & Quality Requirement.

Our Team will work in coordination with the client in pin pointing the necessary changes in the design to completely eliminate any sort of mold defects and based on our report, the client can make the necessary design changes or we can do the changes and send the files to the customer to check the functional fitment of the plastics by either checking in their design software’s or by rapid prototyping them.

Once the Mold Layout and type of mold is finalized, we run Mold Flow Analysis to define the gate positions, cooling line requirements, tonnage requirements, insert positions, possible sink mark issues and its rectifications, cycle time setting and mold parameter defining. We will notify the customer about the Gate Impression on the part and after the customers approval only we will proceed for Tool Making.

After Mold Design based on the mold flow analysis report, our mold makers will have a thorough review of the design to pin point possible issues based on the set of check lists we stick to completely eliminate the possible issues before releasing the manufacturing drawings for the mold makers to work on. These reviewing enables us to catch the issues before a mold is made can save a lot of money and time.

After this, we will share the Gantt Chart to provide the complete picture of the Mold Making Schedule to the customer and we will share this Gantt chart at the end of each week or at customers demand to tell the customer about the progress on the mold.