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Mold Making is a combination of Art and Science. The Secret ingredient is in the hands of Skilled Engineer tends to dive in the details from inception to production and The Engineers and Mold Makers at RD are extremely skilled.

RD has the experience and the expertise to deal with the challenging projects that involves complex mold features like multiple hydraulic or slide pulls, unscrewing actions, collapsible cores, and other high precision designs.

Our In-House Machine shop includes latest automated systems like state-of-the-art high speed 4-axis machining setups. The Automated EDM Machine enables light out production. This all adds to an increased capacity, faster, most efficient production and shorter lead time to our customer.

To provide the information and progress on each step involved in mold making, we provide the Gantt Chart to the customer so that they can keep track of the progress as we will provide updates in every alternative day to be on the same page.