Mold Tooling

Mold Tooling

When Businesses need High Quality, Complex Plastic Parts in Low to High Volume, they turn to Injection Molds. This process provides very high-quality plastic parts with 1/100th of a price and 100 X quality compared to 3D Printed Plastic Parts.Radiant Design is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, a well-known name in the electronics industry has earned a reputation of being the best offering high quality, low-cost solution. We fill the void in the electronics industry by offering design suggestions, improvements during the design stage of the product which needs to be manufactured. We have proudly produced Injection Molds and Plastic parts for companies is US, Asia, Europe and Australia.

We have material specialists among our staffs who can make recommendations among 100s of Material options from commodity to engineering plastics including FDA, RoHS certified resins.

Ours experienced staffs can assist you on the following parameters during the mold development stage:

  • Part Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Verifying Tolerances
  • Choosing Texture
  • Cycle Time Improvements
  • Tool Lifetime
  • Material & Resin Selection
  • Gate Placement and Options
  • Hot Runner Options and Cost benefits
  • Draft Requirements based on the texture
  • Potential Flow Issues
  • Runner System Selection.

Team RD is highly experienced in the selection of right material for your product based on the application involved. We have worked with Wide Range of composition of plastic materials like ABS, PC, ASA, FR-ABS, PP, PS, TPU, TPE and many more. Apart from Injection molding, we also deal with Compression molding for materials like Rubber and Silicon. These materials are exclusively used for Gaskets, Orings which are used to seal any opening to achieve water proofing for any product.

On-Site Tooling:
Radiant Design has an On-Site Tooling Setup which is fully equipped to handle tools with very high precision and in a quick turnaround time which also helps us reduce transportation costs and thereby lesser tool costs compared to the market trend.
Since we build tools in the same facility, we manufacture plastic parts, our tools repairs are done within hours which minimizes the downtime in production drastically.

For Volume of 1k to 10k Requirements:
We offer a unique solution at a very competitive price and a extremely short lead time for such low volume production. The Price offered for tooling for such low volume is 1/3rd of the conventional injection mold pricing and at the same time, we complete the tooling in record 2 weeks, ready for production on demand.

Our Mission is to Provide:
1. On-Time Delivery
2. An Assurance that our customer’s Project is produced according to their order and standard.
3. The Communication is provided in timely and clear manner.

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