Our modus operandi

Our modus operandi

Our modus operandi

There is a question that is asked by our clients often when they approach us for their requirement which is, What is your working methodology? As an Industrial design company, we work on multiple methods with our clients to convert their resources into a finalized product. The methodologies are explained below.

METHOD 1: When the hardware section is done.

Most of the firms/individuals initially make up their hardware section, so that they can show proof of concept of their technology and attract investors. So, they make everything including the placement of the components and start to manufacture the hardware. They know that hardware is not the only aspect of the product. It needs a casing, that’s where our role comes in.

When a client approaches us, we will send them an input sheet to be duly filled by them which asks for the basic details of the hardware section along with their specification for the product.
Once the project is finalized our usual process will begin. To see our usual process, click here

This method has a few drawbacks as this will make us work within a boundary. The hardware design may be done without considering the mechanical aspects, so when it comes to our part of the industrial design, we may face constraints to satisfy all the user requirements. The client may need to compromise on some features to make it viable for manufacturing.

METHOD 2: When the hardware section has to be done.

When a product has to be developed a few clients approach us with their idea and technology. So, to begin with, we get the complete requirements from them and initiate our general method of working. We work on the basic requirement and aesthetic part of the product considering the Ergonomics, Mechanical and Technical elements. We suggest clients placing the connectors, ports, sensors which will be practicable for both of us.

Once the design is finalized, we will give them the outline of the PCB with which the client can work to make their hardware. This will make the product meet all the specifications and the developed one will be cost-friendly. This process may take a little longer than the other since the hardware needs to be designed after this, but will be worth the waiting.

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