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We have hands on experience in enclosure design of various electronic components using plastic & sheet metal.Our plastic enclosure designs are done considering moulding feasibility,which reduces production time and cost.We use snap fits,interlocking joints,threaded fasteners,glue for connections based on application and customer requirements.

Aesthetic and attractive enclosures are highly preferred by customers and we have strong foot in such design. We also suggest suitable material and material thickness based on application and usage of the product.We also give product shape and structure based on the application of the product.We can also modify the existing enclosures as per customer’s specifications.

The major types of enclosures we design are:

  • Wearable Enclosures
  • Handheld Enclosures
  • Wired Enclosures
  • Wall Mount Enclosures
  • PCB Enclosures
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Portable Instrument Enclosures
  • Rapberrypi Enclosures
  • Taple top Instrument Enclosures
  • IP 65/IP 66/IP 67 Enclosures
  • USB Enclosures
  • Monitor/Display Enclosures
  • Medical Enclosures
  • Kiosk Enclosures
  • Signage Enclosures
  • Arduino Enclosures

We offer Customized plastic enclosure design for consumer electronics,telecom & medical products.Adhering to design standards and considering Design for manufacturing (DFM) points is one of the points we stick to, in order to come up with the design which is easy to manufacture and ultimately the tooling cost will also get reduced.

Our electronic enclosure design is “factory ready” i.e. in a state that the electronics can be fitted, once the enclosure is made.Our Plastic Enclosures are designed in a correct manner and with the right considerations for the injection molding process.We offer detailed mechanical drawings and prototyping support.We also provide thermal cooling simulation using Ansys, if needed ,to ensure proper ventilation,safety and functionality of the product.

We also consider (Ingress Protection) IP Rating chart as per clients requirement.