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QR codes were used by marketers to connect the print world to the digital one. Advertisers include a QR code in a magazine advertisement, hoping that the readers will scan the code and be forwarded to a form to get more information, or perhaps, even to buy the product, but they didn’t catch on for a variety of reasons. There the use of a dynamic digital QR code scanner comes into play. One of our clients intended to develop such a device. They approached us for the industrial design and manufacturing of the device.
Radiant’s Objective:
® Product Design
® Prototyping
® Mass Manufacturing

Project Brief:

The objective of this project is to develop a QR code scanner with E-display, which should be IP rated, wall and table mountable device.

Considering those points from the client, we proceeded to our first phase of the design, which is concept development.

Concept Sketch:

After a detailed discussion with our team to get a valuable output considering all the requirements we made some industrial sketches. Those sketches were developed with ergonomics and feasibility.

Modeling Phase:

Even the design looks simple from outside; it had various challenges inside. The product uses an e-paper display which has no mountings. The device will also be used outdoors so it faces direct sunlight which will reduce its visibility. So we decided to go with a slanting face on the top which facilitates many adaptability of the device to be used in. The hardware also produces enormous heat so it should be cooled with artificial cooling using two fans mounted on each of its sides. The ventilation will undergo openings on the sides, there will be a moratorium in the IP feature. We then planned to use IP rated vents to enable the feature.

Prototyping & Testing:

After completing the overall design, we prototyped the product using a 3d Printing technology to check the fitments and all. The outcome of the design was good and well appreciated by the client.