Case Design for Raspberry Pi Device

Case Design for Raspberry Pi Device

Case Design for Raspberry Pi Device


Wi-Guy is a product created by one of our client which is an IOT device capable of scanning electromagnetic waves transmitted from various communication systems like FM radio, GSM, LTE, etc. As it was a fully customized product, we received the inputs as physical bodies.

The product consists of 3 PCB which includes a Raspberry Pi board.We physically examined the PCB board which was given as input by our client.

A multiple concept sketches were drawn initially to visualize the client how their product is going to look. From the sketches one was selected and proceeded further for modeling.

Design Brief:

When the design phase started we reverse engineered all the PCB and parts given to us to make a digital copy.
We tried to conceal all the parts which will be fitted within the enclosure and also to create multiple openings for the USB ports.

One tough part was when one of the PCB board don’t have any holes for mounting. Our engineers came up with a best option for mounting that PCB.

Product Development:

The product was designed in such a way that it can be kept on flat surface or it can stand vertically, both position allowing access to all ports. Thermal analysis was carried out and air vents was provided to make the airflow easy as the same time preventing maximum dust..


Before going to mass production we 3D printed the product and checked out if every technical aspects was covered

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