Case Design and Manufacturing for Personalized Advertisements Device

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The Project: –

The product to be developed is a media device which has to be mounted or held on to a screen with a camera in front just like web cam and a control unit behind it. This device basically personalizes content based on the person standing right before the screen.

Initial Concept Sketches: –

Initial idea was to create a form factor to the product, which helps us to visualize the product and its shape before the CAD design.

The Challenge: –

Our customer approached us to develop this device which should be mounted on to a screen, the hidden challenge is that the size and the thickness of the TV can vary, might have big frame or baseless, depending upon the end user conditions. For this we have to design an enclosure with mechanism which can be adjusted and fixed firm on the TV on all four sides.

Research: –

We started looking for similar devices on the market such as web cams, go pro etc. but most didn’t give a right solution to the mechanism needed. This pushed us to have a brainstorming session where we had one rule that even a “boring idea should be valued” and found a mobile holder setup and started integrating its concept to the product.

Technical and CAD drawings: –

Industrial product design has been carried out to develop the 3D CAD model of the product which further developed to do a prototype. Industry standard software is used such as Solid works, Creo and Key shot for rendering the product in an actual scenario.

Prototype & Testing: –

It is essential to test and create prototypes on 1:1 scale. Rapid prototyping is made using 3D printers and in Radiant Design we used SLA technology to do this prototype and started testing the device mechanically. This will ensure that the measurements and functions work and can allow for changes if necessary.

Final Product: –

Media player designed and developed can perfectly fit in all the TVs with the help of mechanism involved to hold. This is developed for one our customer “Aasatti media LLC” and the product will soon hit the market.