Case Design & Prototyping of Air Quality Monitoring Device

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In today’s world aesthetics plays a vital role in product development, which is also one of the main reasons behind the product success. Considering this factor one of our client approached us to develop an enclosure for their air quality monitoring device which monitors the quality of air at some isolated location like jungle. The developed product should blend with nature. It also needs to be waterproof, UV resistant and symmetrical in shape as it is dropped in monitoring land using an air drone, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles. There should be air chamber at the top which should only allow air to penetrate and blocks water. The air chamber needs to be accessible by a sensor in the PCB.


With the goal of ease and simplicity in mind and to opt for a best design which suit with the requirements, we started to analyze and sketch different conceptual designs which is our initial task in all the projects.

Completing the model with full satisfaction, further we proceeded to prototype the design to test its functionality and aesthetics. The product was produced in low volume using vacuum casting technique. The outcome of the design as product was glorious.