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Finite Element Analysis analyses material or object under study and identify how applied stress will affect the material or design under actual conditions. FEA software testing will indentify whether a product will break, wear out or work the way it was designed.Radiant offers design optimization and design validation services by simulating the product under real world operating condition such as stress,temperature and vibration.This would help in eliminating the rework & hence reduces the wastage of time, material and money in manufacturing and testing the prototypes.

In addition, we offer FEA services using ANSYS to ensure strength and life of the design at affordable rate. We also possess sufficient experience in FEA of composite materials.

Product Strength Analysis
Our products are tested for all boundary conditions that the products will undergo in real time functioning which in turn eliminates any short fall in design/ functioning /aesthetic aspects of the product.We also recommend for design modifictions based on FEA results. Thus, Radiant considers all the failure modes the product may envisage in future based on environment in which it operates and evolves with a more robust and reliable design.

Our experience in this field involves the below project streams

  • Stress, Strain & Deformations
  • Multibody Dynamics
  • Plastic Deformation
  • Hyper-elastic Material Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Fatigue & Buckling
  • Linear & nonlinear
  • Thermal Stresses
  • Fluid flow & pressure test
  • Shock and Drop Testing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Automotive Crash analysis