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Computational Fluid Dynamics is a commonly applied tool to provide solutions for fluid flows with or without solid interaction. In CFD analysis, the check of fluid flow in accordance with its physical properties such as velocity, pressure, temperature, density and viscosity are shown.Our CFD Engineers are experienced in optimizing and validating, verifying the design, thereby enhancing its performance.

We are also experienced in thermal structural design for effective cooling of electronic components

Our team gains sound knowledge and hands-on experience by handling various project streams as listed below.

Key Projects

  • CFD Analysis of Flash Dryer
  • Flow Study of Pumps,Valves
  • Flow Analysis of Fans,Blowers
  • CFD of Heat Exchanger
  • CFD of solar panel
  • Flow analysis of Chimney
  • Air cooling Analysis of Electronic Enclosures
  • Particle tracking in Cyclone separator
  • CFD Analysis of Flow Meter
  • IC Engine CFD Simulation
  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Multiphase Flow Analysis/Particle tracking
  • Electronic Enclosure Cooling Analysis
  • Turbo Machinery Analysis