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Crash analysis plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the vehicle and every OEM strives hard to make sure their vehicles are dynamically stable in the dynamic world. We Radiant Design can completely understand the urge for safety and we can offer dynamic solutions for this dynamic world. Radiant Design worked extensively with several leading Tier 1 manufacturers across the globe, analyzed and offered dynamic solutions through the latest FEA technologies without much compromise to their other important factors. Radiant design deals with both Interior and Exterior crash, we predict the dynamic instabilities and offer solutions to resolve the issues. We also have hands on experience in dealing drop simulations as well. Our team has done a wide range of co relation studies and optimized the product development. Apart from automobile industry, we also deals with aerospace, consumer goods and medical technology. Safety can never happen accidently and Radiant Design has the experience and the cutting edge technology and an experienced team to turn this globe into a safer one.

Roll Over Analysis
Roll over analysis is carried over to ensure the structure of the vehicle doesn’t intrude with the living space of the passengers in case of an unfortunate topple. Radiant Design has extensively supported many companies to make sure the vehicles abide by the Automotive roll over standards. At Radiant Design we provide virtual simulation of standard / required tests and scenarios in roll over analysis, thus ensuring that the requirements of legislators, consumer protection associations and manufacturers are met.

  • Frontal Impact
  • Side Impact
  • Rear Impact
  • Roof Collision
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Occupant Safety